Scientists say that dogs have a technique for breaking our hearts

Scientists confirm that dogs yield a strong emotionally-manipulative power that they use over their owners by using their trademark 'sad puppy dog eyes'.

Dogs are a man’s best friend and in order to stay that way, they have developed quite a specific technique to keep them on our good side.

It’s all about the muscles

This scientific discovery has allowed us to learn more about our loyal, four-legged companions. The proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America have just identified a unique feature in dogs.

According to them, centuries of domestication have alloweddogs to develop small muscles in their eyebrows that are used solely to draw in humans using an irresistible charm, by making their faces more easily readable for us. This little anatomic detail is positioned precisely to raise the inner brow.And that’s how they win us over!

Scientists compared this detail in dogs with wolves and found that only dogs have these muscles because they need them in order to look cute to us. As a result, they get their much-yearned-for doggie treats.

This particularity is only found in dogs and no other canine species

Wolves aren’t actually able to pull the same soulful expression that we know so well. Known as 'puppy dog eyes,' dogs developed them in order to be able to communicate with us.

Back in the day, these little muscles didn’t exist but were instead developed as time went on; their bodies adapted to a dog’s lifestyle and our daily lives. So next time you catch your pooch doing something naughty and they look at you with that crushingly cute expression of theirs, know that they are definitely manipulating you to not get in trouble!

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