Here’s why you should be sleeping with your cat at night

We often judge people who sleep with their pets, but we are wrong to do so! Here are three good reasons you should sleep with your cat.

Should you share your bed with your cat? The answer may vary depending on who you ask, especially when there are already two of you in the bed! While the hygienic factor also has to be taken into account, here are three good reasons you should leave your bedroom door open for your furry little friend before going to sleep.

But if you’re afraid that your cat will leave its hair all over your duvet cover, you could always buy a soft blanket to lay on your bed that it can sleep on.

1. A stress-free night

It’s a well-known fact, cats really help us to destress! In fact, their purring is very soothing and helps to slow our heart rhythm down. Therefore, if you feel annoyed or frustrated before going to bed, snuggle up to your cat for a bit of comfort. We guarantee you’ll have a peaceful night!

2. A stronger bond

If your cat sleeps near you, this will help them to trust you. In fact, cats always feel vulnerable, particularly at night. When they are asleep, they can be surprised and wake up at any sound or potential predator. If your cat falls asleep near you, they will put all their trust in you and feel protected with you by their side. A good way to strengthen your bond!

3. A nice little hot water bottle

Are you chilly? Then let your cat come and snuggle up to you or your feet. The heat they emit while they sleep will help keep you warm and toasty during those cold winter nights.

So, convinced?

Here’s why your cat crawls into bed with you at night Here’s why your cat crawls into bed with you at night