After coming across a stray dog, this man completes a selfless act of kindness

These two brothers helped a freezing stray dog and it completely restored our faith in humanity.

Fernando Gabriel and his brother, Felipe, were waiting in line to buy a ticket at a busy subway station in São Paulo, Brazil, when they noticed a stray dog shivering next to them. The dog, who didn’t appear to have an owner, was looking for shelter and a little bit of warmth underground. How the two brothers reacted ought to teach us a thing or two about compassion.

In the video, we can see Felipe take off his shirt and place it over the dog. As soon as the black pup started feeling a little bit of warmth against his fur, he went on to wag his tail in appreciation. Felipe patted the dog one last time before walking away. Immediately, the dog got up–it looks like he wanted to follow the brothers home.

The man giving his shirt to a stray dog The Animal Rescue Site

Turns out the orange shirt Felipe gave to the dog was one of his favourites, but ‘it looked better on [the dog],’ Felipe wrote in a post on Instagram. He goes on to encourage people to ‘help with what they have.’ A simple act of kindness can go a long way. This dog is living proof of it.

Next time you come across a stray dog, give him a little bit of food, water or a blanket. You might be saving his life.

After coming across a stray dog, this woman completes a selfless act After coming across a stray dog, this woman completes a selfless act