This man drove 200 miles with a dog stuck on his bumper

Loudi Zhang was driving his car on the motorway when he suddenly hit something unexpected...

In China, a man named Loudi Zhang was driving down the motorway at an extremely high speed when he realised that his car had hit some kind of animal.

He dragged the puppy for 200 miles

Zhang didn't stopimmediately to check what had happened—he just assumed that the poor animal had almost certainly been killed. The motorist continued driving for almost 200 miles before he finally stopped to see the damage to his car.

The dog was still alive

Zhang was expecting to find the carcass of a dead animal, but he was shocked to discover a puppy, alive, literally stuck in its bumper. Unable to extricate him alone, Loudi Zhang then proceeded to drive very carefully with the dog in his bumper to the nearest veterinary clinic where the doggie could be taken care of.

A happy ending

After giving him some care, the Chinese driver eventually adopted the dog. All's well that ends well, right?

Check out the video for more on this incredible story!

To save his beloved dog this man risked everything To save his beloved dog this man risked everything