Revealed: What Your Style Of Driving Says About Your Personality

Revealed: What Your Style Of Driving Says About Your Personality

What does your driving say about your personality? Believe it or not but it can tell you a lot about how you behave on a normal day to day basis. Tom Vanderbilt, the author of the book Traffic states that the way we drive tells us a lot about who we are and that there are many different styles of driving. There is a driving style for everyone, so which kind of driver are you? 

What Your Driving Says About Your Personality 

The perfectionist

The perfectionist or better known as the learner driver, always starts life on the road with a clean slate, following their driving instructor’s advice word by word. They place their hands on the wheel at 10 to 2, use their signal at every turn, even on a one-way street! In short, the perfectionist does not allow for any improvisation behind the wheel! If you are a perfectionist when you drive then you are sure to be the same in everyday life. If you doubt that ask your family, they would be happy to tell you!

The cool driver

Chilled and relaxed....with one hand on the steering wheel, happy and calm, and busy searching for the right CD in the glove box. That's the attitude of the cool driver! You typically don't have any stress behind the wheel! This means you are a down to earth and easy going kind of person who doesn't worry about everyday life because every problem has a solution! 

The minimalist

You believe that one hand on the steering wheel is enough as long as you arrive to your destination early and that’s all that matters! You have the spirit of a Minimalist. This is true in real life as well. For instance, you prefer a small group of close friends rather than a large group of friends. You are sometimes shy and you are a simple person who is happy with little in everyday life as well as in driving. 

The adventurer

You are an adventurous driver who isn't afraid of taking risks! You typically use one hand on the steering wheel and love driving fast! You are the warriors of the road who love switching lanes to go faster! Generally you act the same when it comes to everyday life. You are always seeking adventure and taking risks. 

The boss

So who’s the boss?! In everyday life and on the road, everyone gets out of your way! You are a leader of the group and a bit bossy but everyone knows the meaning of the word “responsibility”. You tend to keep a firm grip on the steering wheel!

The empathiser

You take other people’s problems to heart, which makes you a passive driver. Don’t let driving overwhelm you! You are a sensible, attentive and considerate driver who generally adapts to the driving style of others. Don’t lose your kind nature behind the wheel because this doesn’t come naturally to everyone!

The peacemaker

You are a Pacifist at heart… with a relaxed driving style, why get annoyed when you can resolve conflict with only a few words? You say a few words and there you go, the conflict is gone! You would even be able to reconcile two people who don’t get on. You have a lot of power!

The joker

With you, originality is guaranteed! You’re an eccentric and unpredictable clown. You don't take driving too seriously and tend to act silly on the road just for fun. 

The scaredy-cat

For you getting your driver's license was a miracle! Driving makes you feel nervous and uncomfortable. You have the tendency to stress out easily behind the wheel like in everyday life. You are constantly checking your controls and you drive slowly.

The rebel

The rebel is very cunning and they consider themselves a driving pro. They don’t hesitate to use their horn in all situations and they hate slow drivers! They know how to cross people's boundaries when it comes to everyday life and driving. 

• Emma Jensen
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