What Does Your Sitting Position Say About Your Personality?
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What Does Your Sitting Position Say About Your Personality?

What Does Your Sitting Position Say About Your Personality?

By Nancy Youm

The way you position your legs when you're sitting says a lot about who you are. Here's what you need to know.

Whether it's at the restaurant, at the office, or on public transportation, everyone has their own way of sitting and positioning their legs. And we're not talking about 'manspreading' here. Body language speaks for itself. Check out the video above and then consult the text below to see which one you are!

If you're more of an A...

You are a creative and charismatic person. You are also very spontaneous and do not take long to make decisions -- at times, you could stand to actually think things through! The way you see it, life is an adventure and you love new experiences. You are sociable, popular, and have a lot of friends.

If you're more of a B...

You are a dreamer with a vivid imagination and sometimes have your head in the clouds. You are also an empathetic person and are able to connect with others. You're a great listener.

If you're more of a C...

You are hyperactive and you lack focus! You get bored quickly, and this also applies to your relationships with others: you lose interest fast and need someone to bring you back to reality.

If you're more of a D...

You are a smart and rational person. Foresight, order, and punctuality are your thing. You are organized, a bit reserved, and don't like gossip. You have the rare ability to remain calm in any situation.

If you're more of an E...

You are career-oriented and stick to your goals, both professional and private. You are a perfectionist and are always looking for something better.

To take the test and find out what your sitting position says about you, go to the video above!

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