The way you organise your bookshelf says a lot about your personality

If you are an avid reader, you know that there are different ways to organize your bookshelf. Each way can reveal something about your personality.

If you love books there is a high chance that you have bookshelves and if you have bookshelves, you have probably organised your books in a specific way. There are three main ways to organize your bookshelf and each one says something different about a person’s personality.

You organise by alphabetical order

This is the most common way to organise books. Alphabetical order means you mix book genres together and it goes from A to Z. There is one issue with organising books alphabetically, when you buy a new book you have to spend the next half hour reorganising your shelf to fit the new book in with the correct letter.

If you organise your books in alphabetical order, you are an avid reader who loves to be able to find any book easily.

The way you organise your bookshelf says a lot about you  Pickawood/Unsplash

You organise by genre

The next obvious way to organise books is to do it by genre. This can be a fun way to organise your book collection. You can either do it with traditional genres such as historical fiction, fantasy etc. You can also do it so where genres mesh together, for example, you start with history and then the next genre is historical fiction etc.

Another fun way to organise by genre is to create your own genres such as books with happy endings, books with fairies and so on. If you love organisation and effectiveness, you can organise by genre and place each genre alphabetically, this way allows you to find any book you want quickly as long as you know the genre and author.

If you organise your book collection by genre you are a cultured and interesting person and you know a lot of things.

You organise by colour

Organising by colour can be very hectic although pleasing to the eye. If you are on Bookstagram or Booktok you may see some gorgeous bookshelves organised by colour, creating a beautiful rainbow on shelves.

The only issue with this kind of organisation is that trying to find a book can be difficult. Moreover, you would have to make sacrifices such as splitting up a series because the colours are different. But when you see the magnificent results it does seem worth it.

If you organise by colour, you are a creative person and a visual thinker who has a lot of time on your hands.

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