The 5 Signs That Prove You're Hypersensitive
The 5 Signs That Prove You're Hypersensitive
The 5 Signs That Prove You're Hypersensitive
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The 5 Signs That Prove You're Hypersensitive

By Lola Bee

Do you often feel vulnerable? Do you have difficulty in discerning things? Or keeping a distance? Do words affect you more than your surroundings? If so, you may be hypersensitive... Here are the 5 characteristic signs!

You're introverted

Introversion is a trait that often comes back to hypersensitive people. Generally, these people were bullied during childhood and/or were rarely confronted with different personalities.

You depend on the views of others

You have a visceral fear of disappointment, you are sensitive to criticism and you flee conflict. You need harmony and serenity. You don't support any failures when you or someone else expect something from you, which creates a strong sense of guilt.

You're empathetic

You understand others and sympathise with them. You're very caring with your loved ones because you're worried about their well-being. But it takes a lot of energy and makes you more fragile...

You cry often

That's why you avoid situations that would embarrass you. Judgments and negative emotions can make you cry. In these moments, learn to focus on your breathing.

You are emotional

Or even skin deep. In other words, your sensitivity is also physical. Noises, stress, caresses, music... all these things touch you deeply until you see these things physically affect you. And yes, the skin is the reflection of the soul! You shiver easily and you can suffer from small irritations and itching.

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