This Is Why You Always Come Across The Time 11:11

This Is Why You Always Come Across The Time 11:11

Have you heard of mirror hours? 11:11 has a very special meaning - find out about it here!

According to the Mayan calendar, on December 21st, 2012 at 11:11, a new era began. But this time of day isn't limited to this historical date. Our spiritual figures, such as angels, speak to us through mirrored hours.

11:11 symbolizes charisma, pragmatism, rebellion, and a thirst for power.

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When you come across this mirror hour, it's a sign that you need to focus more on yourself and the people you care about. But don't worry, because angels watch over you and support you in the choices you make. The mirror hours indicate that significant changes are taking place in our lives.

In fact, angels transmit their will to bring the world out of a state of distress through personal fulfillment.

11:11 reveals that despite your forward-thinking ideas, your authority and overconfidence can annoy or even hurt the people around you.

Be careful, because you might find yourself in a solo position, wherein you can never go as far as many others!

Pay special attention to your relationships, as you may be a little too invested in a story that's not worth the effort, which may sooner or later hurt you. To save yourself some drama, take the time to listen to yourself and search for an outside-the-box outlook.

Finally, adopt the motto carpe diem and live the moment, fully and with full awareness.

Sophie West
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