Russian man who was imprisoned for his daughter's anti-war drawing now wants the death penalty

After his daughter painted a picture of the Ukraine war, Alexey Moskalev, was sentenced to prison for treason. He now demands the death penalty.

Putin critic sent to prison for his 13-year-old daughter's anti-war drawing wants the death penalty
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Putin critic sent to prison for his 13-year-old daughter's anti-war drawing wants the death penalty

In Russia, Alexey Moskalev, a single father, was sentenced to two years in prison at the end of March. The reason is because his daughter drew an anti-war drawing in one of her art classes, and her teacher reported the drawing to the authorities. Moskalev's appeal against the sentence has been rejected.

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His story is rather similar to Alexey Navalny's, another Putin critic who was imprisoned for treason, and has not been heard from since.

Two years imprisonment for an anti-war drawing

According to t-online, the father has been in custody since March and has been living under strict rules. After his plea against the 2 years sentence was rejected, the prosecutor demanded for his detention to be stricter and as a result Moskalev was banned from using the internet. 'As of now can only communicate with the outside world through visits from relatives and lawyers,', the publication reportsreports.

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Moskalev is also banned from using internet while imprisoned

Aforementioned, the reason for the detention is a drawing from Alexey's 13-year-old daughter, Masha. In one of her art classes, Masha Moskalev painted an anti-war picture. Indeed, the drawing showed support for Ukraine against Russian soldiers.

Masha painted a Ukrainian mother holding her child by the hand and protecting it from Russian missiles. It also read 'No to war' and 'Glory to Ukraine,' as t-online describes. The teacher in charge immediately reported the picture to the authorities. Shortly thereafter, an arrest warrant was issued for the girl's single father, Alexey. The magazine reports that Alexey has reportedly been beaten when he was arrested.

The Russian domestic intelligence service FSB arrested him, interrogated him, and, according to Moskaliev, also allegedly beat him.

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'Every day my heart bleeds'

According to Mediazona, Moskalev has had no contact with his daughter since he's been imprisoned. At the moment, she is said to be living with her biological mother again.

Now the single father has demanded for the death penalty for himself, because he can no longer stand it in prison. He feels his situation is hopeless. This is what he is supposedly said, as quoted by Mediazona:

I ask that the verdict be implemented as soon as possible, because every day my heart bleeds as I go through all this.

Will Moskalev receive the death penalty?

In Russia, however, the death penalty has not been a practice since 1996. However, strict security measures are in place against resistance and any rebellion is 'nipped in the bud' by propaganda.

As Der Spiegel reports:

The dissemination of false information about the army [is also punishable]. The maximum penalty is 15 years.

Meanwhile, Alexey's daughter Masha firmly believes in her father. In a letter, she wrote:

I ask you one thing: don't give up! You are the best dad!

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This article has been translated from Gentside DE.

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