Netflix slammed for releasing Titanic a week after the Titan submarine tragedy: 'It's a lack of respect'

A few days after the submarine disappeared near the Titanic, killing five people, Netflix has released the dramatic film on its platform, leaving Internet users outraged.

Titanic is coming back to Netflix, a week after the Titan submarine tragedy
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Titanic is coming back to Netflix, a week after the Titan submarine tragedy

The five missing passengers aboard the Titan submarine, which was on an expedition to visit the Titanic shipwreck at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, were pronounced dead on Thursday, June 22.

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Although there had been hope of finding them safe and sound since they went missing on Sunday, June 18, search operations launched by the US and Canadian coastguards validated the theory of a 'catastrophic implosion' at a depth of 4,000 meters by finding debris from the Titan's hull.

Titan submarine: An international drama

The disappearance of the five passengers on the Titan submarine, bound for the wreck of the Titanic, which sank to the bottom of the Atlantic in April 1912 off the North American coast, has touched the hearts of millions of people around the world. Whether it was the astronomical sum paid for this unusual adventure ($250,000), the resources made available to find wealthy individuals compared to the minimal efforts made to rescue migrants from drowning in the sea, or the rumour that the 19-year-old boy who died alongside his father on the Titan didn't want to board in the first place, Internet has been buzzing with indignation and outrage.

While experts have identified the submarine's hull among the debris found, but are unable to recover the bodies of the victims, other information about the submarine's lack of safety has been brought to light! The CEO of Ocean Gate, the company that created the Titan submarine, ignored safety warnings from deep-sea exploration specialists.

Indeed, according to the BBC, Stockton Rush,the pilot who died in the submarine's implosion, told CBS that he wasn't afraid and he trusted his ship completely, only a few days before dying in his submarine.

Too often we've heard the unfounded cries of 'you're going to kill someone'. You know, at some point, safety is just a waste. I mean, if you just want to be safe, you don't get out of bed. Don't get in your car. Don't do anything.
At some point, you're going to take risks, and it's really a question of risk/reward. I take this as a serious personal insult.

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Titanic returns to Netflix

Although the families of the victims are in the midst of a period of mourning, this tragic event is benefiting some people. While Céline Dion did not do anything intentionally, she saw her Titanic hit song My Heart Will Go On increase its streams in just a few days. And now, Netflix has decided to capitalize on the tragedy. According to the Twitter accounts Pop Bave and Pop Base, the film Titanic will return to Netflix on July 1, 2023, a week after the Titan passengers disappeared. The streaming platform is surfing on the morbid wave to turn around its revenue, an act that has scandalized the web to the core.

Some Twitter users have been quick to voice their disagreement over Netflix's decision. One user wrote:

The devil works hard, but Netflix works even harder

While another said:

You want to put Titanic back on because there was a submarine drama there? You want to make money behind the backs of the dead?

'It's a lack of respect', commented this French user furious at the American company's decision.

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