Lucy Mecklenburgh has given birth – and her baby boy has the cutest name

Former The Only Way Is Essex girl Lucy Mecklenburgh has welcomed her first child with her fiancé Ryan Thomas. The 30-year-old reality star shared the happy news last night – and revealed the absolutely adorable name that she and Ryan have chosen for the little one…

Lucy Mecklenburgh has given birth – and her baby boy has the cutest name
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Lucy Mecklenburgh and Ryan Thomas have had a baby boy! Taking to Instagram last night, Lucy shared a black and white image of her newborn’s hand clutching her finger. Whilst the photo hides the little boy’s eyes, his little mouth can just be seen in the picture – which has already garnered over 420,000 likes from fans and celeb friends.

Lucy also took the opportunity to announce the little boy’s name: Roman Ravello Thomas, which makes him R. Thomas just like his famous daddy! Whilst the little one’s middle name is quite unusual – there’s actually a really sweet meaning behind the couple’s choice, as Ravello is the name of the town in Italy where Ryan popped the question back in summer 2019.

Little Roman Ravello will never be lonely – as he’s already got a big sister in Ryan’s older daughter Scarlett, 10, who is the daughter of his ex Tina O’Brien. Roman Ravello will also have a best bud in Lydia Bright’s baby daughter Loretta Rose, who was born in February. Best friends and former TOWIE castmates Lydia and Lucy announced their pregnancies within weeks of each other last year and we’re sure they’ll be arranging plenty of playdates!

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Loved shooting with my little man 💙 • ”There are ups and downs and there’s no denying your hormones are going crazy. Some days I don’t feel good about myself and feel quite overwhelmed, especially as it’s my first baby.” • “You can never be prepared for how your body changes. I am quite a body confident person and have been throughout the pregnancy but there are some days when you’re like, “Jesus Christ that’s a lot of cellulite. Where did that come from?” • “But it’s amazing what the female body can do. There are some times you feel different, and you don’t feel like yourself, and that I find hard. But you just have to embrace it,” Read the rest of my interview in @ok_mag 💚

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Lucy has been open with her fans about her journey to becoming a mum throughout her whole pregnancy and previously spoke out about how she’ll deal with the big life change, saying: ‘I’ll try and be the best mum I can be without putting pressure on myself to be a ‘perfect mum’. I won’t rush to lose baby weight just enjoy a balanced diet and exercise as and when Me and my body are ready.’

Lucy was 41 weeks pregnant when the little one finally arrived – and had been sharing her frustration of being overdue via Insta this week. Now that baby Roman is finally here, Lucy and Ryan will be splitting their time between their two homes in Essex – to be close to Lucy’s mum - and Manchester – to be closer to Ryan’s daughter Scarlett.