How To Become A Masseur In 5 Easy Steps
How To Become A Professional Masseur

How To Become A Professional Masseur

By Will Armstrong
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Becoming a masseur is a profession that's gaining more interest than ever. Ohmymag has 5 tips to help you on your way to becoming a professional masseur.

How To Become A Professional Masseur

1. The top qualities: Before starting out as a professional masseur it's important to know what qualities you need in this profession as it's not always suited to everyone. Budding masseurs should have certain qualities such as being empathetic and they shouldn't mind physical contact. They should be sensitive, flexible and good with their hands. If you hate physical contact this is definitely not for you.

A masseur should be genuine and should possess great emotional intelligence. At the end of the day making the customer feel better is the goal of this job.

2. A masseur-physiotherapist or a well-being masseur: It's important that you know the two different types of masseur: there are physiotherapist masseurs and well-being masseurs. The training for each isn't actually the same. For the former you've got to have a degree but for the latter you can do a course but it's not compulsory. The work also differs once you start working.

3.Find the right massage school: If you want to become either a masseur-physiotherapist or a well-being masseur, it's important that you choose the right massage school. Even if you've got the skills it's vital that you learn the right massage techniques.

Well-being Masseur courses usually take a few weeks and the massage school will award the students with a certificate for their participation and knowledge at the end of the course.

4. Think about specialising: Once you've got the basics down it's possible to specialise in ayurvedic massage, Swedish massage etc. It's up to you to see which types of massage are right for you. Specialising can put you a cut above the rest in the job market.

5. Start practising: Starting out isn't always straightforward. There are so many different options open to you such as joining a beauty school, other masseurs or even starting your own business. Either way, don't forget to contact the liability insurance.

Be aware that insurance companies are now requiring people to have either a certificate or a degree so, don't hesitate to ask experts for advice about this.

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