Henry Kissinger warns of war: 'China and the USA are capable of destroying humanity'

The end of the Cold War was not so long ago. IfHenry Kissingeris right, the world could soon find itself in a similar scenario again. The main actors this time: the US and China.

If anyone knows foreign policy, it is Henry Kissinger. In the US, he served as national security advisor in the 1970s and was appointed US Secretary of State in 1973. In an interview with Stern magazine, Kissinger now reveals why the US and China cause him a far greater headache than Russia.

Russia and Europe in unity

At the moment, the world is mainly looking at Russia and Ukraine. Nobel Peace Prize laureate Kissinger now warns us not to lose sight of the People's Republic of China and cut Russia's relations with Europe completely. He commented:

To exclude Russia is not in line with my vision of Europe. That would make Russia an ally of China. If Russia moves in that direction, we must resist it and prevent it....When this war ends - and one day it will - when the Atlantic allies have achieved their goals and Russia has not, then Nato should be strong enough to find a new relationship between Russia and Europe, just as Europe did after the Napoleonic Wars.

Use of artificial intelligence particularly dangerous

He is also very worried about his own country. Lately, many people may have been particularly afraid of the use of nuclear weapons. But Kissinger himself is also afraid of the use of artificial intelligence within the military, in both camps:

China is my much greater concern. China and the United States are superpowers capable of destroying humanity, and they continue to increase these capabilities every year. The military use of artificial intelligence allows for entirely new forms of warfare, which exacerbates the situation, because no one has any experience with it.

According to Kissinger, it is particularly important at the moment not to submit to other states and to enter into dialogue. Anything else could lead to 'destroying our civilisation.'

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