He accidentally got naked in front of his girlfriend's mom

Following a new TikTok trend, this lad decided to surprise his girlfriend by walking naked into her room. But he didn't expect her to have company...

TikTok trends are somehow very addictive. When you see one happening, you can't help but to jump on the bandwagon and do the same. This particular trend involves users stripping down and walking in on their unsuspecting partner. The reactions vary, from excitement to disgust to utter laughter.

It did not go exactly as planned

Matthew Hukins, a graphic designer living in Los Angeles decided to try it out for himself however got more than he bargained for when he walked in on not only his girlfriend but her mum too!

While some people are quarantined with just their significant others, others have decided to hunker down with the family, as to not be forced to spend so much time in isolation with just one other person.

This can be a good idea, however, if you decide to go this route and want to participate in challenges like these, remembering that you'reliving with other people would be good practice in order to save yourself from embarrassment, or even possibly a beating! Imagine if it had been her father he walked in on!

How it all started

The trend was allegedly started by a woman who wanted to distract her boyfriend from playing video games but has since taken off as a way to play a trick on an unsuspecting partner or perhaps, in turn, solicit some good ol' fashioned fun.

So if you're brave enough, why not give it a whirl! Just be cautious if you're currently residing with people other than your partner.

Check out the video about to see how his girlfriend's mom reacted to him strutting in in his birthday suit!

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