Donald Trump: Tears at his civil fraud trial as witness ‘broke down on the stand’

It has been over a month and a half since Donald Trump has been on trial for fraud in New York. In a new development, a witness has now cried on the stand.

Donald Trump Trial Fraud
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Donald Trump Trial Fraud

Former President Donald Trump has been facing Judge Engoron since 2 October in a civil fraud trial. This trial is not going smoothly for Trump who was already found guilty at the end of September.

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Moreover, it has been getting a lot of attention thanks to the former President’s behaviour which has led to limited gag orders being issued against him and his lawyers. So far, one of the rare wins Trump and his teams have had is the fact that their gag orders were temporarily lifted on 16 November.

On Monday 20 November, Jeffrey McConney who used to work for the Trump Organizations took the stand…

Tears at Donald Trump’s trial

Jeffrey McConney used to be the controller for Trump Organizations. According to LinkedIn, a controller is ‘responsible for overseeing financial statements like balance sheets, invoices, accounts payable and accounts receivable.’ The employment focused social media explains that part of a controller’s job is to ‘work closely with upper management’ as well as ensure that ‘their company complies with financial regulations’.

As such, McConney is a very relevant witness to bring to the stand as Trump is accused of inflating his worth and the value of his assets. During his testimony, ABC reported that McConney ‘broke down on the stand’ as his work was being questioned. Moreover, Newsweek explains that McConney cried ‘about the number of legal inquiries he is facing’.

The main point of conflict was over the valuation of Mar-a-Lago which Attorney General Letitia James says was valued as a residence when it is actually used as a social club.

Donald Trump enjoys being gag order free

The limited court order issued against Trump on 3 October followed his posting of an old picture of Allison Greenfield, a court clerk, on Truth Social. In the post, Trump alleged that she was in a relationship with Democratic Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer.

This led to Trump being perceived as a menace to jurors, court staff and prosecutors. Then, in the following weeks, his team of lawyers continued their attacks on Greenfield which got them a limited gag order as well.

But on 16 November, these were temporarily lifted by Justice David Friedman who ‘granted a stay on the order’. That ‘stay’ is said to last until at least 27 November. Temporary or not, Donald Trump wasted no time letting loose and opening up on his feelings about Judge Engoron.

On 21 November, Newsweek reported that the former President called the Judge a ‘psycho’ and accused him of being ‘out of control’ in posts on Truth Social. He added that Allison Greenfield was ‘seething with ANGER’.

These are not the only posts made by Trump. In others he claimed that the trial was a fraud and that the whole thing was baseless.

This trial should end by December. Until then it promises to keep going through high highs and low lows.

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