Donald Trump ordered to pay E.Jean Carroll $83.3 million: Here's what she plans to do with it

E.Jean Carroll has won in a defamation case against Donald Trump and is now contemplating what to do with the money.

Donald Trump E.Jean Carroll Rape Sexual assault
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Donald Trump E.Jean Carroll Rape Sexual assault

A federal jury has ruled that ex-president Donald Trump must pay E.Jean Carroll $83.3 million in damages for defaming her after she accused him of sexual assault in the 90s. This is the second time E.Jean Carroll has won against Trump in court; last year she won a sexual abuse and defamation case that awarded her $5 million.

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Who is E.Jean Carroll?

E.Jean Carroll is an American journalist who wrote for Rolling Stones, Playboy, Esquire and most notably Elle for whom she wrote Ask E.Jean which became one of the longest-running advice columns in American publishing.

Ms Carroll published a memoir which included details about her socialite lifestyle in New York. In the book she says that she was r**ed by Donald Trump in the 90s. She details that Trump asked her to help him shop for a ‘girl’. They went to department Store Bergdorf Goodman, shopped and then the ex-president ‘pushed her in a dressing room and r**ed her'.

What will E.Jean Carroll do with her money?

Money was an important element in the plaintiff’s strategy. In their closing arguments Carroll’s lawyer told the jury to award her client a ‘very large’ sum of money:

He doesn’t care about the law or truth but does care about money, and your decision on punitive damages is the only hope that he stops

How much will it take to make him stop? You cost him lots and lots of money.

The jury did, indeed award her a large sum which she intends to use to make a positive impact. She told ABC News:

I'd like to give the money to something Donald Trump hates.
If it will cause him pain for me to give money to certain things, that's my intent.

She insinuated that she could use the money to create a ‘fund for the women who have been sexually assaulted by Donald Trump’. Several women accused the former president of sexual harassment and assault since the 70s but he has never admitted any wrongdoing.

Trump intends to appeal as he was not happy with the direction the trial took. He posted the following on Truth Social:

I fully disagree with both verdicts, and will be appealing this whole Biden Directed Witch Hunt focused on me and the Republican Party.
Our Legal System is out of control, and being used as a Political Weapon. They have taken away all First Amendment Rights. THIS IS NOT AMERICA!

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