Donald Trump vehemently attacks Judge hours after receiving gag order: What does he risk?

On Monday 16 October, Judge Chutkan decided to issue a limited gag order on former President Donald Trump. Hours later he was publicly criticising her.

Donald Trump gag order prison
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Donald Trump gag order prison

Monday 16 October was a pivotal day for 45th US President Donald Trump. On that day he faced Judge Tanya Chutkan who presides over his election interference case. During Monday’s hearing Judge Chutkan had to decide whether or not she was going to impose a gag order on Trump.

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After listening to both sides, Chutkan decided that a gag order was indeed necessary. This order limits Trump’s ability to:

make public statements attacking prosecutors, witnesses, and court staff involved in the case

But it also limits Trump’s tendency to ‘use social media and public events to comment on the trial.’

However, Trump doesn’t seem to have gotten the memo…

Another gag order for Trump

Judge Chutkan’s limited gag order follows the one issued by Judge Engoron on 3 October after Trump took an old photo of a clerk and posted it on Truth Social. At the time the judge ruling on Trump’s civil fraud case said:

Personal attacks on members of my court staff are unacceptable, inappropriate and I will not tolerate them under any circumstances


Failure to abide by this order will result in serious sanctions

The incident in Judge Engoron’s court played a key role in Judge Chutkan’s decision. First of all, prosecution asked for a gag order to be put in place after that incident. Secondly, Judge Chutkan referenced it in her ruling.

Kyle Cheney, a journalist for Politico, took to X to live tweet the hearing on 16 October. He wrote Chutkan’s words:

CHUTKAN says she was "deeply disturbed" that Trump posted an attack and a photo of Judge Engoron's clerk in New York.

Moreover, during the hearing, Chukan reminded Trump’s lawyers that Trump is on trial on criminal charges and that therefore he must follow some rules.

Kyle Cheney reports:

CHUTKAN: "Mr. Trump is Facing criminal charges. He does not get to respond to every criticism of him if his response would affect potential witnesses. That’s the bottom line here."

After a short recess, Judge Chutkan ‘partially granted’ the gag order and explained that Trump is now barred from ‘attacking prosecutors, witnesses and court staff'. Chutkan specified that there will be sanctions if Donald Trump doesn’t follow the rules.

Trump attacks Judge Chutkan hours after the ruling

Rolling Stones reports that hours after the ruling, Trump was at a campaign rally, when he ‘lashed out against U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan.

Trump called Chutkan’s ruling ‘totally unconstitutional.’ He added:

A judge doesn’t like me too much. Her whole life is not liking me.

He then continued his speech by wrongly defining what a gag order is. Trump said that it prevents him from speaking ‘badly about (his) opponent’ aka Joe Biden. However, during the hearing this argument was refuted by prosecutor, Molly Gaston.

She said:

He can criticize President Biden to his heart’s content. President Biden has nothing to do with this case

What can Trump risk if he breaks the gag order?

Breaking a gag order can have some serious consequences. If someones does break such an order, they could be in contempt of court which would result in either a fine or jail time.

For Trump this could jeopardise his ascension to the White House. Will Trump manage to not talk about the trial or the people involved?

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