A challenging day in court for Donald Trump as he gets told off by Judge

Another day of Donald Trump’s civil fraud case in New York. It is fair to say that the former President had a challenging time.

Donald Trump fraud trial warning
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Donald Trump fraud trial warning

Donald Trump's civil fraud case has been taking place in New York since 2 October 2022. This trial, which doesn’t have a jury, was dramatic even before it started. Indeed, on 26 September, Judge Engoron ruled that Trump was guilty of defrauding ‘banks and insurers’.

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In his 26 September ruling Judge Engoron wrote:

In defendants’ world: rent regulated apartments are worth the same as unregulated apartments; restricted land is worth the same as unrestricted land; restrictions can evaporate into thin air (...)
That is a fantasy world, not the real world.

Since the beginning of October Trump and his team have been fighting to limit the consequences of this ruling. Trump risks paying a fine of $250 million and could lose his business licence in the State of New York.

Events have rocked this trial and unfortunately for Trump, Wednesday 18 October was one of those rocky days.

Trial gets interrupted by yelling woman

On 18 October a woman was escorted out of court and arrested for allegedly yelling out to Trump and trying to get close to the former President.The New York Post writes that the woman, named Jenny Hannigan, did not actually yell inside the courtroom but that she was instead ‘caught talking loudly in the hallway after court officers escorted her out.’

Outside the courtroom, Hannigan reportedly shouted ‘Help me! Save Me!’ before declaring her support for Donald Trump. Talking to reporters she said:

I have a right to be here. I’m an American citizen and I’m also a court employee (...)
And I’m also just here to support Donald Trump.

Though this incident was unexpected and could be considered shocking, a court spokesperson stated that ‘none of the parties were ever in any danger.’

Trump gets another slap on the wrist

After Jenny Hannigan was escorted out of court proceedings, the trial resumed. Unfortunately, peace and quiet didn’t last long.

This time the disturbance came from Donald Trump himself. During a witness testimony, the former President was seen frustratedly throwing his hands up. He also started talking to his attorneys.

These ostentatious displays of annoyance forced Judge Engoron to issue another warning. He said:

Ok, I'll ask everyone to be quiet when the witness is testifying, particularly if it's meant to influence the testimony

It is important to note that the witness on the stand at the time was real estate appraiser Doug Larson who was questioned about ‘interactions with a Trump company executive.’

Larson is mentioned in documents that imply that he was of help when Trump evaluated the value of his real estate. Value of his real estate which is at the core of this fraud trial.

This new outburst from Trump adds itself to a very long list of prior outbursts. It should be noted that Trump is not required to attend this trial. Prosecution has suggested that the former President is using it as a campaign event where Trump can nourish his Presidential hopes.

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