Donald Trump: His personal vendetta has had horrible consequences and more could follow

The civil fraud case against Donald Trump has been going on since 2 October and has had many consequences… and not just for Trump. Could it lead to more?

Donald Trump trial fraud gag order law clerk Allison Greenfield
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Donald Trump trial fraud gag order law clerk Allison Greenfield

The civil fraud trial, which started on 2 October, has proved to be more challenging than expected for former President Donald Trump. Already at the end of September, Judge Engoron ruled that Trump and the Trump Organizations had ‘deceived banks, insurers and others by massively overvaluing his assets and exaggerating his net worth on paperwork used in making deals and securing loans.’ Attorney General Letitia James is asking for penalties of at least $250 million and Trump could see his business licences removed.

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The day after the trial Donald Trump took to Truth Social and posted an old picture of a court clerk, Allison Greenfield. In the post he alleged that she was in a relationship with Democratic Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. Since then, attacks on Greenfield have been ongoing…

Hundreds of ‘serious and credible’ threats

CNN reports that a statement made by ‘Charles Hollon, a court officer-captain in New York assigned to the Judicial Threats Assessment unit of the Department of Public Safety’ (aka a court police officer) reveals that since Donald Trump first posted a picture of Allison Greenfield on Truth Social, the clerk and the Judge have received ‘serious and credible’ harassing messages.

The report concludes that those threats are in no way ‘hypothetical or speculative.’ The same filing also reveals the nature of the messages and noticed the ‘increased use of antisemitic language’.

In the report we also learnt that Allison Greenfield’s phone number was also revealed to the wider public, enabling ‘daily messages’. The filing also uncovers that Greenfield received ‘20-30 calls per day’.

Trump’s personal vendetta continues

The same report highlights that since 16 November the messages have increased. This coincides with the day Trump’s limited gag order was temporarily lifted.

When the news came out, Trump wasted no time re-launching his attacks on Greenfield and Judge Engoron. Catherine Christian, a legal analyst, talking to MSNBC called those attacks on Greenfield ‘unheard of’. She explained:

A judge’s law clerk is, I don’t want to say a potted plant … but when you go to court as a lawyer you don’t deal with the law clerk. Sometimes a Judge will have the law clerk speak to the attorneys to help with settlement but it’s the judge that makes the decision.
In this case, not just Donald Trump, but to have the lawyers that have been attacking this law clerk is just unprecedented.

Lisa Rubin, another legal analyst talking to MSNBC, added that since Donald Trump’s post on Truth Social, Allison Greenfield’s life has been significantly impacted and derailed. She explains that her address is now part of the ‘public domain’ and ‘her personal emails have been compromised’. Rubin also specifies:

The threatening phone messages and voicemails that have been directed at the Judge and the clerk combined fill 275 single spaced pages as transcribed.

With this new enlightening report one can wonder what consequences this will have on Donald Trump.

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