COVID positive Brits will no longer need to self isolate

In an attempt to move forward from the pandemic, ministers are looking into the possibility of no longer obliging Brits to self isolate upon testing positive.

Brits who test positive for the coronavirus might no longer have to self-isolatefor 10 days as ministers are fighting to get rid of the track and trace scheme. In addition, they are also drafting a plan to make COVID testing free in preparation for a definite return to normalcy with or without the presence of the virus.

Learning to deal with COVID

As scientists have said in the past, the coronavirus will eventually have to be treated in the same way we go about treating the seasonal flu. Dr Robert Dingwall, of Nottingham Trent University, said last night:

I very much welcome the fact people are planning for the end of the emergency and the restoration of everyday life.

And adding:

Treating Covid like any other respiratory infection should encourage people to dial down the fear and anxiety that have bedevilled the country for the past couple of years.

What would be the next step for the UK?

In order to counter the possible upsurge in cases if mandatory self-isolation is ditched, health experts would focus on tackling local outbreaks and keeping an eye out on high-risk settings. This would include places such as hospitals and care homes.

Though it is likely the virus will remain at the 'endemic' level—regularly found among particular people or in certain areas— a shift towards adaptation is necessary. If the scheme were to go forward, changes wouldn't occur until at least the start of the new year.

The new proposal comes as the UK continues to see a rise in cases. In the last seven days, there has been a 20.5% increase. However, death rates have remained relatively stable.

Self-isolation no longer required for fully vaccinated Brits Self-isolation no longer required for fully vaccinated Brits