COVID: Could the UK go back into lockdown?

Amidst the increasing death toll in Europe, UK experts deliberate over making vaccines mandatory. Here is what's being said.

COVID: Could the UK go back into lockdown?
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As of this week, more than 46 million people across all four UK nations have received both doses of the COVID vaccine.

Yet the executive director of the World Health Organization (WHO) Europe, Robb Butler, talked to Sky News this morning about compulsory vaccinations. He believes the jab should be made mandatory with immediate effect.

The UK’s health secretary, Sajid Javid has announced that jabs will be made mandatory for frontline healthcare workers, this coming April.But with death tolls on a rise, what about the 4.5 million individuals, who are yet to receive their first immunization shot?

Lockdown measures in Europe

The COVID death toll in Europe might rise by another 700,000 people in the upcoming holiday season. Gradually, some European countries are reintroducing lockdown measures, such as the Netherlands. Whereas, Austria and Germany have banned unvaccinated people from public gatherings.

Austria has taken further steps and starting next February, vaccines are made compulsory. On Monday 22 November, Austrians were put on full lockdown mode, making it the first country in Western Europe to do so during the current outbreak.

In Central Europe, Hungary has reported a record 12,637 daily infections. The data published today revealed a total number of 1.045 million cases. Booster shots are now necessary for healthcare professionals, and as of Saturday, masks are required in indoor settings.

What experts have to say

Researchers said that jabs take immunity 'to another level of protection.’ PM Boris Johnson has also voiced his concern, to minimize ‘excessive’ strain on the NHS, and encouraged the citizens to ‘get those (shot) numbers up.’

To have a restriction less holiday season, Javid adds:

Vaccines are our main form of defence against this virus. We can already see how the vaccine programme is helping us get back towards a more normal way of life.

The ardent plea comes as millions of Britons get prepared to have their booster shots to improve their immunity.

Dominic Raab, the deputy PM in conversation with Kay Burley on Sky Newsregarding free lateral tests, said:

I think it's important to keep getting tested but of course, as we found with furlough and other things, we need to transition from the emergency stage to the recovery stage, not just for the pandemic but the economy as a whole.

On the other hand, when asked about mandatory jabs, Raab said:

Maybe in some countries, but I don't think in the UK, given the extraordinary success we've had in rolling out the vaccine. The rollout scheme of boosters is working very effectively.
It shows we've got the right balance in the UK, and we should stick to our guns.
COVID: UK confirms a lockdown free holiday COVID: UK confirms a lockdown free holiday