Cost of a pint to soar high within a month for this specific reason

Beer lovers are put in a challenging situation as the prices of a single pint of beer are said to soar high even further.

The cost of a pint in London has long been decried as a symbol of how expensive the city is to live in. A recent increase in the price of a beer pint made the average cost to be around £8.06 – the most expensive it has ever been recorded, reports The Guardian.

Beer high

The average price of a pint has increased by more than 70% since the last financial crisis 15 years ago. Amidst this, The Sun reports that the cost of a pint is expected to soar even higher within a month if the Ukraine grain blockade is not lifted. There is currently a blockade on 25 tons of Ukrainian grain and the Russian naval siege in the black sea further makes the situation worse. It may so happen that this year’s harvest could rot on the dockside.

Odesa’s besieged port MP - Alex Goncharenko confirmed that the prices of beer and bread would be severely hit. Beer is particularly at risk as Ukraine is one of the world’s five largest barleyproducers. As such, the cost of a beer pint could reach £10.50 by 2030 if rampant inflation continues. What’s worse is there are chances of riots in countries like Egypt if they are not given access to the vital crop soon.

Britain can rescue

While the situation seems to be grave, Britain can help Turkey and Putin hammer out a deal. PM Boris Johnson confirmed he is working on it after talks with the Nato summit in Madrid. Reportedly, to ensure that Russia does not attempt to steal the valuable Ukrainian supply, Britain has volunteered to send armed reconnaissance planes.

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