Here's Why You Should Put An Ice Cube On Your Burger Patties When Grilling Them

Burger patties are the most important element of a perfect hamburger. And this man appears to have come up with a genius trick to make them extra juicy: putting ice on them!

Cook the meat in a pan

Cooking the meat in a pan is the simplest way to do it. In a pan, fat heats up much faster than water and reaches very high temperatures. This immediate increase in temperature will give you a crispy and colorful crust.

Be careful not to put too many ingredients in the pan, as they may cause a drop in temperature and yield less satisfying results.

The pan should already be hot and the food should sizzle immediately: that means the water is evaporating quickly and the meat will be crispy.

Don't hesitate to turn the beef patty several times so the heat is evenly distributed and the inside is well-done.

This amazing trick will give you a perfect crust

We sometimes overcook our burger patties, which makes them too dry. To avoid this, try this amazing trick!

When his burger patty starts cooking, this man always puts a small ice cube on top of it. Although this might sound quite unusual, it's actually very smart, because the water makes the meat take longer to brown while the inside cooks.

The meat will only start to brown once the ice cube water has completely evaporated. The meat will be cooked and won't have time to brown too much before it's cooked through!

In addition, this technique also makes the meat juicier and, therefore, tastier.

So, what are you waiting for? Give it a try!

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