Here's why you should put balsamic vinegar in your strawberries

This one simple trick right here will level up your strawberry game this season. Here’s why.

Here's why you should put balsamic vinegar in your strawberries
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Here's why you should put balsamic vinegar in your strawberries

Strawberry season is finally here! Not only are strawberries delicious, there are also a nutritious way to add some sweetness to your diet.

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While strawberries are great on their own, there is a super healthy way to enhance their flavour even further, according to TikToker @adcrobackup.

While trying out this hack, ensure that you pick the best strawberries. Look for plump, firm berries with bright red colour and green caps. Avoid strawberries that are soft, mushy, or have dark spots.

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Balsamic vinegar is a healthy way to make your strawberries taste even better CA Creative

Healthy way to make strawberry taste even better

The TikTok video by @adcrobackup begins with him announcing,

Here’s a strange way to make your strawberries taste even better.

First, he gives his strawberries a quick wash. Then proceeds to slice off the green rind, and cut them into quarters. Then instead of the adding the usual sugar, caramel, toffee or cream, he advises people to add balsamic vinegar.

He stresses that it has to be balsamic vinegar, and the reason it is such a good addition to strawberries according to him, is

Balsamic is tangy rather than bitter. So when it mixes with the juices of the strawberry, it brings out the flavour of the strawberry, and make it taste, if anything, sweeter.

He finishes off the strawberries with freshly ground black pepper, whose perfume mixes with the strawberries and mellows it out.


A healtier way to improve your #strawberries using #balsamicvinegar and blackpepper! Try! #healthy#vegan#vegetarian#recipe#cooking#fruit#cook

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Reactions to the strawberry hack

Many people found the food hack very bizarre with one person saying,

Idk whether it’s a joke I wanna try it

While another viewer did not want any part of it. His comment states,

This is a joke…it just tastes like strawberry’s covered in vinegar and pepper. It doesn’t make them taste any better

However, the creator @adcrobackup explained that the balsamic vinegar with strawberry is something that is already practiced in Italian food culture. He explains,

As people always ask: the balsamic part is a traditional Italian thing with strawberries, and the black pepper was a recommendation from customers!

There were also many people who backed up the effectiveness of this food combination. One recommendation read,

It’s super good, balsamic vinegar is OG with the strawberries

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