2019 Is Officially The Year Of Zero-Waste Makeup

Brands and companies that make beauty products that don’t adhere to this new movement that is aiming to put a complete end to waste will have a hard time getting by in the future! Because they are worried about the environment, more and more consumers are turning to more environmentally conscious and friendly businesses. Here is the new ‘sub-zero waste’ trend that is likely to gain a lot of ground in the worldwide beauty market in 2019.

The new ‘sub-zero waste’ trend definitely seems necessary. Ideas such as reducing waste, recycling products, introducing rechargeable options or even prolonging a product’s life will be on the list priorities for beauty companies over the next five years. Consumers have started to take more and more notice of their impact on the environment caused by single-use plastic. And some brands have already started incorporating these changes, such as Lush for example, who launched their first packaging-free cosmetics this year. Procter & Gamble have also introduced a recyclable shampoo bottle made from plastic recovered from beaches. These new year resolutions seem to be getting quite popular since Unilever and L’Oréal Paris are now looking into and committed to using recycled, reusable and 100% biodegradable plastic by 2025.

This welcome change was very necessary for brands to adopt. Andrew McDougall, the associate director at Mintel Beauty & Personal Care, explains.

‘Some companies are already discussing completely removing packaging from the equation. Whether reducing or eliminating waste altogether, if brands don’t change their approach now, they will become insignificant. We’re seeing that some indie brands have the upper hand with regard to substantial beauty as they have built their business practices around ethics and environmentally friendly practices. Larger brands must adopt new practices in order to catch up with these smaller, more nimble competitors.’

Consumers nowadays are actually paying a lot more attention to their impact on the planet! Warnings of climate change are now more radical than ever. The ‘sub-zero waste’ trend is going to need a more global and necessary view of the entire beauty industry supply chain.

Check out the video above for everything you need to know about sub-zero waste beauty!

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