Toby’s late night clubbing adventures spark break up rumors again

Rumours abound that Toby and Chloe had ended their relationship after Toby was caught dancing the night away with multiple ladies.

Last night, Toby Aromolaran of Love Island was surrounded by women while clubbing. Since leaving the villa, the footballer has been busy touring the country, leading to speculation that his romance with Chloe Burrows was in jeopardy. But the couple has assured people that everything is great and that they are working around their hectic schedules.

As Toby was enjoying his weekend, he appeared to be in high spirits as his female fans flocked to get selfies with him while they danced the night away. It comes after Chloe stated that she thought it was strange that people always assumed they had broken up. She added that they are still looking for a home together and that she couldn't imagine not being with him.

No Trouble in Paradise

After all these rumours started picking up pace, the couple has found it hard not to comment on them. In an effort to clarify their stand on the relationship and make sure people know they are still together. Chloe said,

It is odd, it's also hard to not reply to people asking if we've split to say that we're fine but I can't sit and reply to everyone.
Honestly, the amount of messages I get if I'm not seen somewhere! I didn't go to his event because I was quarantining but it was in secret.

Realising that the two have been fans favourites ever since the show and are too much invested in their relationship even while not being a part of it, Chloe further commented,

People really are invested in the relationship and it's nice that people care but it is hard to not put a PSA out every day to say we're still together.

Toby Strikes Back

After Toby dumped Chloe for a bombshell, the stars had a rough romance in the villa. However, Toby did eventually make a dramatic U-turn although it does not help that before his going back to Chloe, he had another cheeky affair in Casa Amor. When Chloe didn't show up for Toby's Boohoo launch a few weeks ago, fans were concerned. In his defence, he told The Sun

She wanted to come to my event so bad, but couldn't because she was in isolation waiting for her Covid test to come back.

Ever since the couple has come back together, they've gone from strength to strength and they've made it to the show's conclusion.

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