Love Island’s Olivia warns Liberty that Jake’s only got eyes for the £50K prize

Love Island is not just a show about finding love. The final couple who wins at the end gets a prize of £50,000.

Although most contestants claim to be on the show to give love a chance, some are in it purely for the game, fame, and money. Former Love Islander Olivia Attwood, who has been following this season closely, thinks that Jake Cornish is one of the contestants who has got his eyes locked on the £50K prize.

Jake and Liberty

Jake and Liberty have been coupled up since the beginning of the show, and are one of the only couples that have had minimal drama surrounding their relationship. However, Olivia believes that there’s much more to Jake than meets the eye and she’s glad a part of his real personality was exposed during Casa Amor.She told OK! Magazine:

It was good that Jake Cornish was shown egging the boys on in Casa Amor, they couldn't have let him get away with that.
The other boys have had a really hard time and the viewers were thinking he would have just got away with everything so showing that made it fair. His reaction was really uncomfortable, you could see he was mortified to watch that back.

Eyes on the prize

Olivia also suspects that while Liberty is head-over-heels for Jake, the feelings might not be mutual. She added:

I think she is very into him so it would take a lot for her to be put off him. I think he is a lot more game savvy than she is and if it was vice versa, I don't know what would have happened. He is very much eyes on the prize but I think she's just obsessed with him.

Of late their relationship has hit the rocks, especially after a clip that was shown on movie week revealed that Jake wasn’t as into Liberty as expected in the beginning. In the teaser for tonight’s episode (12 August), Liberty is seen telling Chloe:

If he’s taking me for granted he’s not the one for me babe.
I just feel like me and him are having a rocky week.
Love Island 2021: This is the real reason Jake and Liberty have left Love Island Love Island 2021: This is the real reason Jake and Liberty have left Love Island