Love Islander viewers are convinced Jake is fake

After Jake confessed to Liberty, all the viewers are convinced he is a big player and it is all fake.

In the latest episode of Love Island, Jake is seen confessing his love to Liberty after she raised concerns about their relationship. Liberty told Jake she loves him four weeks ago and Jake had not responded until last night. Even then the conversation happened after the couple was voted the most likely to split after the show will end. This has led viewers to believe that Jake is gaslighting Liberty just for the game.

Initially, Jake struggled to respond during their conversation but ended up confessing his love for Liberty several times. He also added how he struggles to express his love to people if the moment does not feel right to him. Although the entire incident could be viewed as a cute moment in their relationship, it did not go down well with the viewers.

Viewers See Through Jake

According to the unconvinced viewers, the water engineer was told to drop the L-bomb on Liberty by the producers of the show. After she had been feeling that Jake was mugging her and hamming up his feelings for the camera, he had very little time to convince Liberty otherwise. Dropping the L-bomb, in this case, was the easiest escape out and Jake sure took advantage of it.

Fans took to Twitter and made sure the producers of the show knew they were not fooling anyone. A fan tweeted:

Hey #LoveIsland No amount of slushy background music played over Jake’s ‘declaration of love’ is gonna make anyone believe his bs 😂 the man was sweating and stuttering, not coz he was nervous and shy, but because he was desperately love-bombing

Fans are convinced his I love you was fake and thus, others tweeted:

Why was there happy music whilst Jake was gaslighting her
Nah, Love Island cut it out with this music. No way in hell are you gonna make me feel good about Jake and Liberty.

Islanders aren’t Convinced Either

Jake has been accused of just playing a game several times before. Thus, it is not surprising that neither the viewers nor the islanders believe his confession. Even the preview of the next episode showed Liberty’s friends questioning the entire incident and claiming that Jake is only telling her ‘What she wants to hear.’

All the girls have turned against him and told Liberty that he is fake, while Liberty was over the moon with this new development in their relationship. It has been a tough week for the stunning Nando’s waitress and Jake – and it looks like things are only going to get worse from here!

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