Love Island To Introduce New Measures To Ensure Safety Of Islanders

The next season of Love Island, the renowned British dating show, is set to launch in the upcoming weeks but before contestants can be allowed to enter the villa, ITV2 bosses have made some strict alterations to the admissions process.

Due to the extreme pressures that can come alongside fame once leaving the villa, producers want to ensure all contestants are fully equipped to deal with the change by adding some valuable elements to the experience.

Islanders will undergo a series of check-ups and follow-ups to verify that they are all healthy and prepared to cope with the new pace of life both inside the Love Island villa in Majorca, as well as outside the villa following their exit.

ITV2 bosses are even prepared to make influential cuts regarding the singletons they admit to the villa. Speaking to the Sun newspaper the affirmed their readiness to prioritise the health of islanders which could mean axing potential contestants who they feel show signs of show any signs of concern when applying for the show.

“They are prepared to cut potentially strong personalities from the line-up if there is any hint of mental stability”.

All this comes following the death of ex-islander Mike Thalassitis, who died just 36 years old. While no direct links have been made to attach the death to the show, it is clear Love Island want to make help available to prevent anything of a similar nature from occurring in the future.

“The key focus will be for us to no longer be reliant on the Islanders asking us for support but for us to proactively check in with them on a regular basis”.

These Are The New Measures Being Put In Place For Love Islanders' Mental Health These Are The New Measures Being Put In Place For Love Islanders' Mental Health