Is This The REAL Reason Jack Failed That Lie Detector Question?!

Everyone's favourite Love Island couple, Jack and Dani was rocked by last night's lie detector challenge as Jack failed several important questions. But there could be an explanation.

Love Island has been heating up our summer for the last two months and we can't believe it's almost over! There's still a week of drama left though, and whilst Jack and Dani have seemed like sure favourites as the only pair that have been coupled up since the start, it seems they could have met a stumbling block just before the finish line!

Last night saw the return of the dreaded lie detector test and 21-year-old Dani was gutted by Jack's results. Things started off well as Jack answered 'No' to the question 'Have you fancied any other girls in the villa?' and received a green light - proving he was telling the truth.

After the first question, however, things started to go downhill. The next question - 'Do you wish Dani was sexier?' - gave an 'undetermined' result to his confident 'no' response. The test then found he was lying on the next two questions - suggesting that he regretted settling too early with Dani and that he only coupled up with her because of who her dad is.

Things started to look up as the test proved he was telling the truth when he said he was in love with Dani but then disaster struck as the last question suggested Jack's head could be turned on the outside.

This was a sore point for Dani, who said this was the question that meant the most to her. The couple had previously run into problems when a previous challenge revealed that Jack had cheated on all (two!) of his previous girlfriends. Distraught that she had once again gone for a bad boy, this threw their whole relationship into question for Dani but they managed to work through it. Now, though, the lie detector result has led to much more upset. Last night we saw a blazing row between the couple and it's even being rumoured that Jack might have walked out of the villa as a result.

We'll have to wait until tonight to see what's next for the couple but meanwhile - has poor Jack been set up?

Just how accurate are lie detectors?

Even before the test had begun, Jack was saying how nervous he was - let's be honest, being strapped into a machine and asked questions about your deepest feelings in front of your girlfriend, mates, camera crew and pretty much the whole nation isn't exactly the most calming experience. So could it be that the lie detector test gave inaccurate results?

Lie detectors - or polygraphs - work by monitoring heart rate, blood pressure, breathing and perspiration. The idea is that when you're lying, your body will give it away as your heart rate increases and you start to sweat.

But if you're already nervous - you might experience these reactions even when you're not lying. Equally, some people might be able to control their reactions - keeping cool even as they're lying through their teeth. Think about it - if lie detector tests were so accurate, they'd be used in criminal trials, right?

The National Polygraph Association maintains that polygraph results have an 87% success rate. That sounds pretty good but it's still far off 100% accuracy.


Some fans are also accusing ITV producers of fixing the results. 2016 contestant Kady McDermott has claimed on Twitter that 'producers chose' who to fail and who to pass in order to create drama. Even more suspect - the 'lie' buzzer went off as Wes walked into the room to start his test - before he'd even been strapped into the machine.

So - is it all a fix? Was Jack just nervous? Or was he really telling lies? Whatever it is that caused the results, we just hope it's not the end for Jack and Dani!

Image and video credit ITV2 Love Island.

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