Faye Winter: Love Island star worries fans by revealing potential cancer

Love Island's Faye Winter has revealed to her fans that she came very close to being diagnosed with cancer.

In a video posted on her YouTube channel, the reality TV star explained she had to go into minor surgery after one of the moles on her stomach started to change in appearance.

A potential cancerous mole

As is commonly known, when a mole starts to change in colour or shape, getting it checked out by a dermatologistis the best thing to do as it could be the first sign of melanoma—or skin cancer. In the video, Winter said:

I am quite a moley person, I always have freckles and moles but one mole in particular has grown quite a bit since I went into the villa and it was in the sun for the whole summer.

And added:

So I am just going to have it looked at because it’s a little bit abnormal. In fact a few of you guys have noticed it, which is another reason why I am going to go and get it checked.

And though it wasn't confirmed that the 26-year-old social media influencer actually had cancer, doctors believed it was better to remove the mole than to risk Winter's health:

They have decided they are going to remove the mole, which is fine. The first doctor said they didn’t know and then another doctor came in and she didn’t like the look of it so she said to be on the safe side lets get it taken out.

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All thanks to her fans

But it wasn't Winter who first noticed the changing beauty mark. According to the reality TV star, one of her loyal followers was the one who first brought it to her attention after posting she posted a bikini picture on the gram.

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