Anton Went Through An Unbelievable Body Transformation Last Year

Anton Went Through An Unbelievable Body Transformation Last Year

The Scottish gym owner set hearts aflutter with his washboard abs when he entered the villa this week... but he didn't always look like this. Check out the video above to see the radical fitness transformation he went through last year. 

Anton Danyluk has been grafting hard during his first week in the villa - but made a huge faux pas when he tried to crack on with coupled up Lucie Donlan after promising Amy Hart that he only had eyes for her. 

After being labelled a snake on his second day in, Anton seems to have redeemed himself in many viewers' eyes after his kind words to Yewande Biala on Thursday night's episode, after her failure to find a spark with anyone so far left her feeling down. 

Anton reassured Yewande with a humble brag saying: 'Just because I'm not people's type in here it doesn't mean that I'm a bad looking guy. You just need to feel the same. You're a cracking girl and a good looking girl as well. You just need to think like that.'

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Meanwhile, one thing that is for sure is that Anton's ripped figure doesn't leave anything to be desired. However, shock photos from less than a year ago show the dramatic transformation he underwent when he toned up in just 16 weeks. 

Check out the video above to see Anton's fitness transformation for yourself...

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