Heartbreak over 17 puppies found living ‘on top of each other’ in horrendous conditions

17 helpless puppies without any adult dogs were found living in filth and in need of urgent vet care in a ‘nightmare’ breeding house. One of the pooches got nearly strangled by a tight cable around his neck.

Heartbreak over 17 puppies found living ‘on top of each other’ in horrendous conditions
Heartbreak over 17 puppies found living ‘on top of each other’ in horrendous conditions

Police had to be called after a group of 17 puppies were found struggling to survive in the breeders’ house.

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Separated from their mother, these helpless tiny dogs were living on top of each other and had their basic needs neglected while their irresponsible owners were planning to sell them for hefty sums.

Puppies had to be rushed to the vet

Police had to launch a rescue operation after 17 puppies were found living in ‘nightmare conditions’ in Buckinghamshire, England.

The puppies - a mix of cocker spaniels and Cavalier King Charles spaniels - were of differing ages, from eight weeks to three months, and there were no adult dogs on site. Some of the pooches were ill and were being kept in filth, some in a white van and others in pens with dog crates.


Police contacted the RSPCA for help and Special Operations Unit (SOU) officer Kirsty Withnall went to assist with the rescue.

Sadly, one of the puppies had a cable tie around its neck that was so tight it had to be rushed to the vet on police blue lights because it couldn’t be removed.


The callous breeders got sentenced

The RSPCAlaunched an investigation which resulted in the puppies’ owners having been prosecuted and sentenced.

The case concluded in January 2023 when four members of a family were found guilty of not taking steps to ensure that the pets’ needs were met.

As part of the investigation, the police found Pets4Homes adverts proving that the criminals were planning to sell them for as high as £1,300 each. Some ads said the animals were born to a ‘family pet’ and had been health-checked, vaccinated, and treated for fleas and worms.

An estimated £62,520 worth of puppies - of different breeds - had been posted between 7 April and 25 July 2021 using four different names, five different phone numbers, eight email and physical addresses.

The council told investigators that the property did not have a licence for breeding or selling.

Special Operations Unit Inspector Kirsty Withnall said:

These puppies had been taken away from their mothers and moved to a strange location where they mixed with other puppies of differing ages. They were being kept in completely unsuitable conditions and one had a cable tie tight around his throat and had to be rushed to vets to have it removed.

Thankfully, all of the puppies were removed, placed into foster homes and have since been rehomed.

Happy endings

The RSPCA shared some of the happy endings for the puppies who had such a difficult start in life.

Henry - who was found with a cable tie around his neck - has found a loving home with Richard and Viola Martin from Suffolk.

Richard said:

He was born to run and he just loves running on the sand. He is very sociable and he thinks every dog wants to play with him.

Belle has been with her new loving owner since November 2021.

They said:

She is really friendly although she was nervous at the beginning but she has come on leaps and bounds. I was aware she didn't have the best start in life and had to spend some time in kennels due to the diseases she had. I am so glad that I was able to give her a forever home.

Another of the pups who has been named Lady has been rehomed with Callum and Aimee from Cambridgeshire.

Callum commented:

Though she was always more than happy to meet people and spoil them with love, she was terrified of doorways, the car, and most noises that caught her off guard. It wasn’t long before she settled right into our home and changed our world.

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Heartbreak over an abandoned dog found starving and in horrendous condition Heartbreak over an abandoned dog found starving and in horrendous condition