How To Celebrate Your 60 Year Wedding Anniversary

Celebrating the amazing milestone of 60 years of marriage? This wedding anniversary is symbolised by the diamond and it's a beautiful opportunity to renew glittering wishes to your beloved spouse.

How To Celebrate Your 60 Year Wedding Anniversary

1. 60 years of marriage: After 60 years of marriage, it is safe to say that your union is solid. And which stone is the most representative of this flawless longevity? The diamond of course! This gemstone is often found in engagement rings and wedding rings. 60 years of marriage are worth a diamond and this stone reflects all the facets that your love story has carved. At this diamond wedding anniversary, your 60 years of marriage will shine with new brilliance.

2. How to celebrate: For an anniversary as special as the diamond wedding, there's no doing things by halves. This celebration must be beautiful and unique. You don't necessarily have to spend lots of money, but such a wonderful achievement deserves special attention. This marriage has surely become a family story. Invite all your loved ones: your friends and, of course, your family, your children, grandchildren and maybe even great-grandchildren. White is a traditional theme for a diamond wedding, with flowers and a well-laid table. If you have diamond jewellery, do not hesitate to wear it for the day. Otherwise, rhinestones always have a beautiful effect. If you want to keep it just the two of you, treat yourself to a meal in a special restaurant, why not a place that is reminiscent of your first date?

3. Gift ideas for 60 years of marriage: A piece of diamond jewellery is the obvious choice to celebrate 60 years of marriage. But this beautiful gemstone can be expensive. There are, however, many more affordable pieces of jewellery with small diamonds to choose from. You can also find beautiful costume jewellery with imitation diamonds that is much more affordable. An original gift idea for you and your partner is to each write 60 words or anecdotes on small pieces of paper that you fold and place in a nice box. Then, you can each open a paper every day to find out what is written on it. A gift that allows you to remember the beautiful moments of your life together.

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