Here's how to stay merry this Christmas if you're on your own

Christmas spent alone doesn't have to be boring or sad. In fact, it’s an opportunity to do things that you never get time for, including reading and self-care.

Spending Christmas alone? Here is how to stay happy
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Spending Christmas alone? Here is how to stay happy

The prospect of spending Christmas alone while everyone else takes selfies in matching pyjamas, attends fancy festive events and engages in other sorts of collective Yuletide fun, may sound gloomy but it doesn’t have to be.

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But here's the thing: you're not alone. Plenty of people spend their holidays solo. Some have demanding work schedules that make it difficult to travel, while others might not have the money for expensive round-trip tickets.

Christmas on your own can also be liberating and detoxifying - no hassle around gifts, no need to answer uncalled-for questions from nosy relatives, sit through the same political debates or pretend to be merry when you don't feel like it at all.

Whether by choice or circumstance, there is plenty to do on Christmas Day alone. Here are just a few ideas.

The joy of reading: Dive into a book

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Many people admit that they hardly have time for reading because of the pressure of work and family commitments, so Christmas is a perfect time to pick up a good read and escape into an entirely different reality.

Spread some cheer

Become your own version of Little St Nick this holiday season by doing a few small acts of kindness. The amount you’re willing to donate doesn’t matter long as it goes to a worthy cause.

If you’re an animal lover, consider supporting your local shelter or a nationwide charity such as the RSPCA or the ASPCA. With Kiva, you can make someone’s dream come true by donating or even just landing money to hardworking communities striving for a better life around the world.


A pair of fuzzy socks, a fluffy blanket, a mug with steaming hot cocoa, and uninterrupted hours of breathtaking shows. Surround yourselves with friends, even if they are on your device of choice.

Visit a nearby church, even if you’re not religious

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Instead of being cooped up in your home watching reruns of others enjoying the holiday, why not take a trip to a local church?

You don’t have to be religious to be spiritual, and the candlelit beauty is a great way of taking your mind off of your needs and centring you on your many blessings.

Soak in self-care

According to Pinterest, the platform has recorded a 44% increase in searches for meditation, a 60% increase in searches for gratitude, and a 42% increase in searches for positivity just in 2020, meaning that while you might be physically alone, there are tons of people who also need some self-care this holiday season. To turn your home into a spa, treat yourself to an at-home facial and whip up a bunch of DIY scrubs.

Cook your favourite dish


Dr Leslie Nwoke, physician and founder of Heart Work Now, advises:

In the same way we think of caring for and treating our loved ones for the holidays, bring that same thoughtfulness and intentionality to yourself this Christmas.

If you’d normally make a big deal arranging dinner with friends, use that same energy to plan your brunch or dinner that day. Prepare yourself something comforting or decadent, like a childhood favourite.

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