Remove tar and nicotine build-up in your lungs by eating these foods

Eat these healthy foods to clean the toxic nicotine gunk building up in your lungs.

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Have you told yourself time and time again that you're going to finally quit smoking cigarettesbut just can't seem to last more than two days? Don't worry, everyone knows that it's easier said than done. It is not an easy process and it will require a lot of will power and dedication. Don't give up - we believe in you!

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Here are several healthy foods that will help you clean your lungs from all that nicotine and tar build-up whilst you are trying to quit. Watch our video to learn more and happy eating!

Brazilian nuts

These nuts have high-fat content and are rich in selenium, antioxidants, and vitamin E. The nuts help boost the immune system and fight off diseases like cancer. Try consuming the recommended portion per day and be careful not to over-consume more than the necessary as it may be bad for your health.


They might smell potent but these contain antioxidants that help clean out the toxins in your lungs. It helps to slow the multiplication of cancer cells. You should eat around one to seven onions per week.


Ginger has many benefits to health and contains various anti-inflammatory and antioxidants. Several studies prove that it can decrease risks of heart disease, inflammation, diabetes, and much more. Try adding ginger to your daily diet in order to take advantage of the full benefits.


Grapefruits are not the best-tasting fruit but they provide many nutrients that help the body. There are many limonoids present in the fruit which are antioxidants that aid with preventing cancer and cardiovascular disease.

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