Customer shocked after finding something deadly crawling on her grapes

We’ve all heard horror stories about people finding things in their shopping, and so the saga continues for this customer and her grapes.

Customer shocked to find this crawling on her grapes
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Customer shocked to find this crawling on her grapes

One thing many people are told is to check their food products before eating them and especially rinse their fruit and vegetables. This is mainly to wash away dirt and such, but for some, it prevents having bugs and insects in their foods. This one shopper was in for a surprise when she saw this crawling on her grapes.

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A spider crawling on grapes

Kristy Backman from Perth, Western Australia shared a post on Facebook explaining that she had found a cobweb and a live spider in her grapes that she bought from Woolworths, a supermarket chain.

She wrote on Facebook:

As I went to wash a handful for my 1 year old daughter, after having munched on them the day before, I found a cobweb and the live spider
I have notified the store and been offered a replacement bag. The produce manager said he was raising it with Quality department.

Safe to say it was a good thing she rinsed the grapes beforehand as it was a redback spider and they are venomous and considered one of the most dangerous spiders in the world.

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Hi there. I too have recently come across a live redback in a bag of Woolworths red seedless grapes that were purchased...

Posted by Kristy Backman on Tuesday, February 28, 2023

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Another customer found a redback spider

Backman isn’t the only customer to have bought grapes from Woolworths and found a redback spider.

Indeed Lani Neil, who lives in Brisbane, 2,000 miles from Backman also bought grapes from the chain and found a redback spider. The customer also took to Facebook to share the news:

WARNING I just bought a punnet of black seedless grapes from the Redbank Plains (Mountainview) store and found a live redback spider in them

Woolworths has assured its customers that they are taking the complaints seriously and are looking into the situation. As per Newsweek:

We take reports like this seriously and we'll look into this with our team.

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Lidl customer left shocked after finding this crawling in her groceries Lidl customer left shocked after finding this crawling in her groceries