Coca-Cola: The surprising reason why McDonald's coke tastes different

You've probably already experienced it: the Coca-Cola sold at McDonald's doesn't seem to taste the same as other commercial Cokes. Why is that? Let's find out.

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McDonald's is full of secrets and mysteries. Mysteries like the secret product that nobody knows about, and the reason why you always have to ask for your receipt at McDonald's, or the numbers on the lids of the fast-food drinks. But today we're going to look at another mystery: why does the Coca-Colaserved at McDonald's taste different and even better than the bottled ones sold in stores?

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Does Coca-Cola really taste different?

This is not a preconceived notion and a tangible explanation exists. There are several reasons for the different tastes. On its website, McDonald'sclaims to follow 'Coca-Cola's guidelines to the letter and all the steps to ensure it tastes just like the bottle'.

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The possible explanations

The company explains:

Coca-Cola syrup and water are pre-cooled before being placed in the fountains with the right ratio of syrup to allow the ice to melt.

It is also important to note that the fountains are chilled so that when the drinks are served they are always 'at the peak of freshness'. All these elements make Coca-Cola seem to have a slightly different taste than elsewhere. Another detail was that the straws available in McDonald's are larger in diameter, allowing the drink to 'reach the taste buds directly'.

But as you know, this is history: for ecological reasons, straws have been replaced by a system that allows you to drink directly from the cup. So what about you? Do you prefer McDonald's Coke or the one you can buy elsewhere?

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