Check Out These Surprising Uses For Leftover Pasta Water

Next time you cook pasta, think TWICE before you dump the leftover pasta water down the sink! Surprisingly, there are several things you can do with it. See our gallery to start learning about these useful hacks today!

What You Can Do With Left Over Pasta Water

1. Water your plants: The pasta water contains plenty of minerals and your plants would love it.

2. Wash your hair: Treat yourself to a ten-minute scalp massage with pasta water before shampooing. It can help treat your dry or damaged hair.

3. Soak your feet: Use it for a mineral-filled foot bath and your feet will be soft and silky.

4. Soak vegetables: You can use it to soak various vegetables for added taste.

5. Make pizza dough: Use the leftover pasta water to make a pizza crust - it's already salted!

6. Add to sauces: Add the pasta water to your sauces. It helps thicken your sauces and provides extra taste.

7. Make soup: Pasta water is great for making stocks or soups. It will help thicken your soup base an add extra flavour.

8. Steam your vegetables: Save yourself the time and hassle of boiling new water and use your existing pasta water to steam your vegetables.

9. Wash your dishes: Use it while you're washing dishes. The starch from pasta will act as a detergent and will make it easier to remove food stains.

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