Viewers Disappointed As Harry Redknapp Wins I'm A Celeb

Viewers Disappointed As Harry Redknapp Wins I'm A Celeb

As the Jungle finale has finally been rounded up, Harry Redknapp very predictably gets crowned King of the Jungle after winning the hearts of viewers. However, something wasn't quite right and fans ensured to express their discontent...

Well, well well - it's official. Our annual dose of I'm A Celeb has reached an end right ahead of Christmas and most can agree the outcome has been a delight, with amicable Harry Redknapp claiming the crown. The fact that he will be reunited with childhood sweetheart, Sandra makes it all the more heartwarming. 

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Walking across the bridge, Harry was all smiles as he finally makes it to the other side (the one where you're not forced to munch on live creepy crawlies), even Holly breaks a few tears along the way. It seems that aside from ecstatic, Harry is almost confused at his experience, “I’m amazed I survived three weeks,” he commented. Fair enough remark to make, really - you wouldn't see us making it past two days. 

But something was a little different in the 2018 finale and viewers were quick to point out the oddity. But above all, many viewers were actually left disappointed and disheartened with the change. Check out the video to find out the whole story...  

• Will Armstrong
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