Optical Illusion: There is something wrong with this picture, can you find it within 10 seconds?

An illustration shows a very simple photo. But something is wrong. Can you find out what it is in less than ten seconds?

Visual challenges are different every time, but they always manage to surprise us. Each time, the artists or ingenious minds that create them use creativity to find a new way to test us. Sometimes they use optical illusions, sometimes the trick is to turn the image upside down, and many times not everyone is able to meet the challenge. But will you be able to overcome this one?

A man standing on a bridge

The image looks quite simple, it shows a formally dressed man, wearing a bowler hat. With a cane and a pipe in his mouth, this moustachioed man walks with averted steps to the left. He is standing on a stone bridge near a mountainous landscape (one can make out a hill or mountain in the distance).

The scene takes place in daylight, and the weather looks good. However, you may have guessed, or unconsciously sensed, that something is wrong. Indeed, a small detail, not necessarily obvious, makes the scene strange and unnatural. Do you know what it is?

Look closely at the image to find the answer

If you want to play the game according to the rules, you’re supposed to find the answer within ten seconds, otherwise, you lose. Once the time’s up and you haven't found the answer, don't panic, we'll give you the solution. Are you ready?

If you look closely at the picture, you’ll notice that the water is flowing in from one side, but not going out the other! The water is shown only on the front side of the image and not from the back, hence that’s the error of this challenge.

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