Three ways you can re-use coffee grounds in your kitchen

Find out below how you can use your coffee grounds to help in the kitchen!

Coffee grounds are (normally) the waste product left behind after you make a filter coffee. A little heap of ground, moist grains. They often end up in the bin, but we suggest keeping them as they can be quite useful. And here's the proof!

An air-freshener for your fridge

To get rid of bad smells in your fridge, why not give coffee grounds a try? Think about it, even when you’re in a perfume shop, they sometimes give you coffee to smell to cleanse your nose pallet! Putting coffee grounds in a cup in your fridge will help remove those strong, lingering odours from your fridge, like cheese, for example!

To unblock your pipes

Coffee grounds cannot strictly unblock your pipes, but they can help maintain the pipes in your sink and help you avoid a blockage. Once a week, mix a tablespoon of coffee grounds with a large glass of hot water and pour the mixture down the drain. The build-up of food, fat and grease will soon disappear.

A dish degreaser

Just like with your pipes, you can even use coffee grounds to get rid of grease on your dishes. Whether you’re out of washing up liquid or have a really greasy pan, just add a little coffee grounds when scrubbing!

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