This is how much a four-meter-wide house in London costs

Measuring a total of four meters in width, this London home is not on sale and you won't believe how much it costs.

This is how much a four-meter-wide house in London costs
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This might quite possibly be one of the most unique houses on the market!

Bigger than you would think!

Though four meters might not sound like much, appearances can definitely be deceiving in this case. Despite the relatively small size in width, the three-bedroom property consists of four floors and 1,587 square foot of space—including a pretty impressive mezzanine on the ground floor.

So how much does this particularly-sized house cost? Well considering it is situated in the very-posh Kensington area of London, the large roof windowed-house is currently on sale for a whopping (but not surprising) £1.79 million.

The layout of the house

With plenty of natural light to beam into the property, the house also comes with a quiet garden space that includes a central water feature. On the lower ground floor, there's an open-plan dining room and double height reception room with a modern designed kitchen. The upper floors have three bedrooms, a bathroom and en-suite shower room. The main bedroom suite is located at the top floor, which is where you can find the best view in the entire house!

Originally built in 1987 by architect Henry Harrison, neighbours of this property in the past have included actor Daniel Day-Lewis, who lived there with French actor Isabelle Adjani. Paul Cosgrove, director of the estate agent selling the house, said about the house:

This is a truly wonderful contemporary home that just oozes character and charm. The high-profile connections really add to the narrative here, however the size and unique design combine to create a special property that provides an oasis of calm in the heart of the city.