Aldi has come out with a half-cool half-warm duvet

Aldi has come out with a half-warm half-cool duvet that could be a real game changer for couples that disagree on the temperature they like to sleep in.

The super ingenious duvet is designed to satisfy the nocturnal needs of couples who don't like to sleep in the same way.

One side for each

Aldi's latest invention is perfect for you and your significant other if one likes to keep cool during the night while the other prefers feeling warm and fuzzy when sleeping. The product in question is called the Slumberdown 'Made For You Two' and is split into two parts in which one half of the duvet is 4.5 tog, keeping you cooler and the other is 10.5 tog, keeping you warmer. The product description reads:

Get the sleep you deserve with this Made For You Two Double Duvet.
This clever duvet has one half that is 4.5 tog in thickness for the warmer months, and a 10.5 tog half for the chillier months, or, if you sleep with a partner who prefers to be warmer or colder, this duvet is the perfect solution to ensure bedtime harmony.
So snuggle down, and enjoy the perfect temperature.

A hit online!

The duvet is two meters by two meters long and is machine washable. It is currently being sold on Aldi's online market for £19.99 and shoppers are going absolutely wild for what could be the solution to endless fights at night! The product has been retweeted thousands of times with people praising the invention for not only being good for couples but for those who sleep alone too. One tweeter wrote:

I need the warm side just as I get into bed and then I can move over to the cooler side during the night! Perfect!.

While another commented:

Ah but the warm part is for my feet and the cool part for the top half! It's Not for couples it's for cold feet!
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