What Is a Healthy Amount of Times You Should Be Peeing Everyday?
What Is a Healthy Amount of Times You Should Be Peeing Everyday?
What Is a Healthy Amount of Times You Should Be Peeing Everyday?
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What is a healthy amount of times you should be peeing everyday?

By Alex Schrute
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The amount of times you pee everyday can be an indicator of how healthy you are. So what should be the ideal of times you wee in a day?

Yes—we agree with you; this is a strange thing to be asking oneself. But, when did some good old medical knowledge ever hurt anyone?

How many times should you be peeing everyday?

Well, if ever you were curious to know how many times you should be peeing per day the answer is: six to seven times! But this is just an average so don't worry too much if you don't find yourself going to the loo that exact amount of times.

As you know, every body is completely unique and functions differently, and the same can be said about the frequency in which some people have to pee versus others. And it's also good to know that your peeing habits are an indicator of your general health. Many factors contribute to why one would more or less have to pee six to seven times a day.

The many factors to consider

For instance, probably the most obvious variable to consider is the amount of liquid you are consuming in a given day. Doctor's usually recommend having at least 6-8 glasses of water per day so to maintain a healthy metabolism. But if you really want to optimize your urinating habits, drinking less caffeine, bubbly beverages and alcohol will not only destabilize the frequency of your time on the loo but also decrease genital and urinary irritation.

Other factors to consider are any underlying medical conditions you might have that could very well affect your peeing habits. Diabetes, sickle cell anemia and the uber-painful urinary tract infection (UTI) will have a say in the amount of times you pee in a day.

Last but certainly not least is the actual size of your bladder. You guessed it; the smaller it is the less amount of urine you can hold in resulting in more trips to the loo for you!

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