This Common Toilet Habit Could Be Seriously Dangerous
This Common Toilet Habit Could Be Seriously Dangerous
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This Common Toilet Habit Could Be Seriously Dangerous

Nope, it's not a joke! Our position when we sit on the toilet isn't actually the best suited to our needs - and could even be doing you some serious damage!

Squatting in the bathroom?

Many scientists have come to the conclusion that the best position to use thetoiletwouldn't be to sit but to squat, Mankind did before the invention of the toilet.

Crouching not only protects us from microscopic bacteria but also limits contract with many diseases, such as haemorrhoids and even colon cancer!Although the latter theory has not yet been proven, there has been a real improvement seen in individuals with haemorrhoids.

Proven results

When we crouch, the angle of our legs changes from 90 to 35 degrees, which would be ideal, say some doctors. Indeed, studies show that squatting facilitates the evacuation of stool and limits too much pressure. It's the latter advantage that's the main factor of haemorrhoid problems because pushing too hard increases pressure on the abdomen and makes the veins leading to the anus swell.

That means, when we squat, we get rid of toxins and waste from our body more easily, and we limit the risk of contracting haemorrhoids.

A new market

A real market has been built around this new practice. To facilitate the transition to a squatting position while continuing to use our toilets, tools and platforms have been created and sold on the internet.

Many countries have already taken the plunge, so why not us?

By Johanna Garner

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