Experts Suggest Using Sex Toys Can Lead to Serious Health Consequences

The COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown have changed many of our behaviors and our consumer habits. Our sex lives have been affected by it too, and many of us have been relying on sex toys.

For months now, we've been either on lockdown or isolating ourselves and, in many cases, not seeing our romantic partners or "special" friends as much as we want to.

In the absence of physical contact and sexual activity, consumer reports have made one thing clear: we've been purchasing a lot more sex toys online than usual.

And why shouldn't we? Masturbation is not only good for you, but it is also highly recommended by experts as a means of getting to know our body and giving yourself pleasure. Sounds like a great way to blow off some steam during this pandemic.

However, not all that glitters is gold. Although it is true that masturbation can be great, getting in the habit of always doing it with a sex toy may not be as healthy.

Apparently, our bodies can get a little too used to all that friction and vibrations. As the body grows to depend on these sensations, somewhere down the line, we may be unable to enjoy manual masturbation or physical intimacy with another person as much.

In other words, if your body gets used to a sex toy's rhythm, a less intense touch from your partner or from just using your hands will likely be frustrating.

In a statement she made to, psychologist and sexologist Ana Lombardía said:

Sometimes, people get used to masturbating exclusively with sex toys, and as a result, stimulation from our own hands, our partner's or a tongue no longer does the trick.

Can the clitoris lose sensitivity?

She added:

It's not so much that the clitoris loses sensitivity, but you end up getting used to getting things done the 'easy' way, as well as receiving very powerful stimulation, and sometimes, not even being aroused by it. Also, on a mental and emotional level, doing it with a vibrator requires less 'effort', so we tend to develop a preference for it.
Stress can have serious consequences on our sex lives Stress can have serious consequences on our sex lives