Experiencing post Christmas bloat? Here’s five food tips for the New Year

Looking forward to healthy eating in 2021? Here are five food tips to bring in the New Year...And no, there’s no need to diet.

Christmas is the time for big plates of roasts, wine and neverending servings of chocolate and desserts. But, now that the festive binge is over many of us have been left wondering how we can start the new year off on the right foot.

In order to eat healthier, there are five things we can do and none of them involve the ‘D’ word.

1. Meal Planning

According to personal trainer Sam Wood, preparing meals in advance makes it easier to eat healthy. He shared with the Daily Mail stating:

Having healthy meal options prepared in advance makes it a lot easier to stick to your healthy eating throughout the week.

He also detailed that making your meals in bulk can also end up saving you some money:

It also saves you time and money as you can minimise supermarket trips and purchases, and stick to exactly what's on your meal plan for the week.

So, whether you’re into salads or the classic rice and chicken, prepare a few servings in advance, there’s really no downside!

2. Drink plenty of water

Keeping on top of your water consumptionwill not only help you stay hydrated but it will also help your metabolism function better.

Drinking a glass or two of warm water in the morning will also help cleanse the system and enjoying a glass before a meal can help prevent you from overeating.

So, if you tend to opt for sugary drinks or alcohol with lunch or dinner, try going for a nice glass of water instead.

3. Consume proteins and good fats

If you also want to help build muscle and better brain function then upping your intake of healthy proteins and fats is a great way to go. Opting for more high protein foods such as beans, chicken and fish over carbs can still leave you feeling full and satisfied. And, it has the added benefit of boosting your metabolism to help you burn off some of that Christmas dinner.

4. Cook and eat at home

While it may be tempting (and easier) to reach for that Uber Eats, it’s actually better to make your food and eat it at home. Not only is it cheaper to cook at home then it is to order in, but it can also actually help you control what goes into your food, how it’s made and how much you eat.

5. Eat reasonable portions

This is perhaps the hardest tip of them all. When it comes to delicious food it can be difficult to know when to say when.

You can always try tips like eating off a smaller plate or taking smaller and slower bites. This may help you to feel more satiated without having to eat larger portions.

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