Days After Eating Raw Meat, This Man Made A Gruesome Discovery

Days After Eating Raw Meat, This Man Made A Gruesome Discovery

The man, aged 74, went to the doctor when he suddenly started having trouble talking. They decided to do a scan. When they saw the images, they were speechless. His entire body was filled with maggot larvae.

There are no intermediate opinions about raw meat. There are those who consider it a delicacy and others who think it's disgusting. But where there is consensus is in the fact that eating it carries risks.

The unfortunate protagonist of this story confirmed that he had consumed both raw pork and raw veal. The photos of his scan are impressive.

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Inside him are hundreds of eggs and worm larvae, throughout his body. According to doctors, they are tapeworm larvae. The patient has them everywhere: hips, head, spine, etc.

The diagnosis was a neurocysticercosis: a nervous system disease of parasitic origin. It is asymptomatic until it begins to create damage and the patient suffers epileptic seizures or trouble with speech and mobility.

When diagnosed in time, it can be cured. Despite this, the photos of this patient's infection will make you think hard about continuing to eat meat.

Take a look at the video above to see the images for yourself... 

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